4 ways to support your physical and mental health

by in Health Tips August 5, 2022

Finding balance in a busy world can be challenging and overwhelming, but there are some simple ways to support your health and well-ness (which I will talk about below) to help you feel calmer and more focused. Even if you have some complex issues to still work through, you can start making some simple shifts or changes that can support your physical and mental health along the way.

The biggest challenges I see in clinic these days is how to live a more balanced life, both physically and mentally. The demand from family and work, mixed in with the need to get to the gym and cook healthy meals doesn’t always leave alot of room or time to check in with your own day to day needs.

Below you’ll find 4 ways to support your physical and mental health!

4 ways to support your physical and mental health

  1. MINDFUL MOVEMENT daily mindful movement can keep your joints limber and lubricated and your muscles stronger. Aim to get out for a brisk walk or a light workout before you start your workday or go out just after you’ve been sitting all day, this will help clear your mind immensely.

  2. MINDFUL BREATHING  –focus on maintaining full, relaxed breaths throughout your day. Cold weather or sitting at your desk all day can encourage shallow breathing, tightening up the muscles of the neck and shoulders.  Try to inhale deeply to brings valuable oxygen into your body (which is vital for cellular activity and repairs). Exhaling deeply to help your body detoxify and relax those tight, stiff muscles. 

  3. EAT FOR THE SEASON As a holistic nutritionist I strongly encourage clients to eat a diet appropriate for the winter season.  Slightly steamed, slow cooked, poached or stewed meals keep the body warmer.  Save the cold drinks, salads and ice cream for the hot summer days.  Add a bit of cinnamon or ginger to your meal to help warm your body, if you have a cold constitution.
Pilates instructor doing side stretch on the Wunda chair

4. POSITIVE MINDSET – Finally, take time for yourself, reflect and plan for better things to come. Focus on the good things you have in your life and try to improve upon the negative things that may be keeping you stuck and unhappy. Try something new like meditation. The BBC brought out a nice little article 5 Ways to Stay Positive During the Lockdown (which I think is good even if the lockdown is over).

About the author

Cindy is a registered Acupuncturist, certified Pilates instructor, holistic nutritionist and a foodie. She works with her patients to support their whole body health, emphasizing self care, living a positive life and nourishing the body and mind.

Cindy is the owner/creator of My Fit Over 50, a website dedicated to health of women through menopause.

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