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Are you confused by the daily barrage of conflicting health news? Read Women's Health Centre for a practical perspective on the most important health issues of the day. Women's Health Centre is a distillation of the best known information on the topics of tobacco addiction and the effects of smoking on the skin. According to Dr. Crippen of dermmedica.ca, prolonged inhalation of tobacco smoke leads to deterioration of the skin because of the thousands of chemicals produced by tobacco smoke. The information is compiled from numerous sources including publications from the National Institutes of Health and studies conducted at PICS and other leading research institutions. The information represents both solid scientific mainstream opinion and practical, actionable data. Women's Health Centre is edited by Dr. William Riley, the Director of Research of PICS, Inc.



The upcoming projects of Women’s Health Center are based on complex issues of females. According to latest projects, we will provide authentic information and tips after complete consultation of experts. These projects will cover the core women issues such as osteoporosis, fertility problems and mental health. We will also provide home based remedies to fight against such diseases as well. Our experts will also address the treatment related questions as well such as best treatment for breast cancer, maternal health and IVF options and costs.  

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