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Food is the essence of life, but sometimes it can get tricky to know what would should be eating and why. We will help support your health at what ever stage of life you are at with easy to follow recommendations, recipes and personalized support so that food can be nurturing not something restrictive. You may receive some nutrition therapy within our naturopathic or acupuncture treatment or you can get more extensive help working with a holistic nutritionist.


Let’s take the time and get to the root of the issue. Find out how your meals support you and get you back to feeling great again!


Sometimes it is hard to figure out what foods are the right ones to eat…we can help with that.


Eating nutritious whole foods will help to support the foundation of your body, which helps it stay strong and vital.

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Find out how your meals can support and nurture your body

Foods in TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) have certain properties and affects on the body after eaten. Cold food can exacerbate a cold feeling in the body and spicy food can add fuel to the internal heat you may already feel inside. Grilled or baked foods have a drying affect on the body and stewed foods and soups have a moistening affect.

Some foods are helpful for building our bones, hair, muscles, cells, fluid and energy. These include carbohydrates, protein and fat found in animal products, nuts/seeds, legumes, tubers/root vegetables and whole grains. Although they are highly nutritious, if we eat too much of these building foods it can create some stagnation inside, which could create inflammation in the body, joint pain and digestive issues.

Other foods have a clearing or moving quality to them…they often have fiber in them which helps to clear away built up toxins and helps the bowels to move. They include legumes, whole grains, green vegetables, bitter melon, sweet potato, seeds, fruit and bitter greens.

Work with one of our practitioners to find out how your food can support and nurture your body.

Nutrition Therapy

Seasonal Recipe Here

Download this recipe to enjoy during the cold winter season (click on the picture). It is packed full of nutrition and can be adjusted for vegetarians/vegans.