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Prop bag with 1/2 Foam Roller, stretch band & mini ball


Improve your balance, while stretching and strengthening your body!

This props bag offers you a simple, quick and effective way to keep your body strong as you age. Add this healthy tool kit to your current gym or exercise routine, take it with you when travelling or do these exercises when you have 10-15 minutes in your day. It will compliment and support any sports activity you enjoy doing, help you release stress and tension in your body and calm your nervous system. Regular use of these props may even help you sleep better and feel more energetic!

Want to know more about what’s inside? 

Inside you’ll get:

  • 1/2 foam roller – great for balance, strengthening and stretching exercises
  • LATEX FREE 5′ blue stretch band – great for stretching and strengthening your whole body
  • Small rubber ball – great for releasing knots in your feet or shoulders and great for waking up proprioceptor muscles

There are BONUSES too!


As an added bonus to purchasing your props bag you will receive:

  • a demonstration video offering a number of easy to do exercises, along with cues to follow for better form and function (see the video below)
  • a PDF sheet with pictures and descriptions of some basic exercises you can do anytime

These add-ons bonuses will arrive in your email upon purchasing your props bag. There is a fee to ship across Canada, however we do offer FREE PICKUP at my TORONTO CLINIC (please arrange a time).

Additional information

Size of 1/2 roller

6×12 inches

Size of band

5 feet – LATEX FREE