Our Story

The Women’s Health Centre began as a personal need to find better, more comprehensive alternative health information about women as we age. After 15 years in the health and wellness industry and as a woman going through menopause, I decided to bring together a collection of amazing female practitioners under one roof to actually support a woman’s whole body health not just deal with the symptoms.

The Centre is dedicated to supporting women’s health and wellness, especially those going through menopause. Our all female staff of practitioners will support your health needs, providing naturopathic medicine, acupuncture therapy, psychotherapy and Pilates/movement training.

Treatments or training sessions will address the ever changing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of a woman as we age…especially the changes that are uncomfortable and challenging. We’re not just practitioners, but a collection of women with the same shared experiences and that will give us a better insight to meet your health goals.

Our Vision

Our goal at the Centre is to bring together a community of women through support and inspiration so that we can be the best versions of ourselves. 

Our Mission

The Centre will support women through the various cycles of aging from helping with reproductive and sexual health to postpartum, perimenopause/menopause and beyond that. We want to look at your health through a holistic, whole body lens that doesn’t just help get rid of unwanted symptoms but nurtures your growth and guides you towards a strong and vital life.