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What can a naturopath do for me?

by in Health Tips June 2, 2022

Licensed Naturopaths (NDs) are clinically-trained primary care physicians who utilize a range of modalities to treat patients of all conditions such as acupuncture, massage therapy, cupping, nutritional counselling, botanical medicine, Chinese medicine, lifestyle, dietary counselling, physical exercises, clinical medicine, manipulations and homeopathy. NDs diagnose, treat, manage, and prevent acute and chronic conditions, while also addressing […]

5 Simple ways to Strengthen Your Immunity

by in Health Tips April 12, 2022

Our immune system is responsible for keeping us healthy and strong, fighting germs, toxins, fungi and viruses using a complex collection of special blood cells along with a variety of organs in our body. If our body is unable to produce these special antibodies or the organs charged with supporting our immunity are weak, we […]