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Mindful breathing brings better health

by in Health Tips October 21, 2022

Many health practitioners, yogis and spiritual groups have been exploring the effect of breathing on our health, mind and existential existence for thousands of years. Ancient cultures and religions have documented the connection of our breath to the search for a higher state of being or higher purpose. They learnt how an everyday subconscious mechanism […]

What can a naturopath do for me?

by in Health Tips April 2, 2022

Licensed Naturopaths (NDs) are clinically-trained primary care physicians who utilize a range of modalities to treat patients of all conditions such as acupuncture, massage therapy, cupping, nutritional counselling, botanical medicine, Chinese medicine, lifestyle, dietary counselling, physical exercises, clinical medicine, manipulations and homeopathy. NDs diagnose, treat, manage, and prevent acute and chronic conditions, while also addressing […]