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Acupuncture supports women’s health

by in Uncategorized November 10, 2022

Acupuncture supports women’s health by nourishing us when we’re sick. Acupuncture reduces that which causes pain, stress and tightness. It can support women through all of the stages of life from puberty (acne, painful periods and stress) to pregnancy (nausea, fatigue) to perimenopause (nightsweats, insomnia) and into our senior years. It’s tradition dates back thousands […]

Mindful breathing brings better health

by in Health Tips October 21, 2022

Many health practitioners, yogis and spiritual groups have been exploring the effect of breathing on our health, mind and existential existence for thousands of years. Ancient cultures and religions have documented the connection of our breath to the search for a higher state of being or higher purpose. They learnt how an everyday subconscious mechanism […]

Fundamentals for healthy eating

by in Whole foods July 3, 2022

Creating good healthy eating habits is super important to maintaining our health and wellness as we age – just as important as what you eat.  We often fall into eating habits based upon our busy work schedule or family life and don’t always think about the affects they can cause years later.  Our poor eating […]

The benefits of Cooking Meals with your Family

by in Whole foods May 3, 2022

Nothing imparts inspiration, fun and bonding like cooking meals with your family. Sometimes it can be stressful or chaotic, but in the end it’s always entertaining. In our house we were taught the value of sharing at least a couple of meals together a week, despite being very busy. Back then my father did alot […]

What can a naturopath do for me?

by in Health Tips April 2, 2022

Licensed Naturopaths (NDs) are clinically-trained primary care physicians who utilize a range of modalities to treat patients of all conditions such as acupuncture, massage therapy, cupping, nutritional counselling, botanical medicine, Chinese medicine, lifestyle, dietary counselling, physical exercises, clinical medicine, manipulations and homeopathy. NDs diagnose, treat, manage, and prevent acute and chronic conditions, while also addressing […]

Getting the most from your grains

by in Uncategorized February 18, 2022

Rice, amaranth, buckwheat, corn and quinoa have a complex makeup…in its whole, raw form they are actually not so easy for us to digest. Our ancestors innately knew this, which is why many soaked their grains overnight. This made it easier for the body to break it down and shortened cooking time. The soaking of […]